Organic Triple extra virgin argan oil (Cosmetic grade)

Product Description

The activity of cosmetic argan oil is probably related to its high content ofantioxidants and fatty acids, compounds known to oppose the activity of free radicals, the effect is harmful to the skin . The regular application on the skin of argan oil cosmetic grade is recommended for the treatment of chapped, dry or dehydrated skin and acne. In the long run, the application of argan oil leads to a reduction in the rate of appearance of wrinkles and scars caused by loss of measles or chickenpox. The application of argan oil is also recommended for the treatment ofsuperficial burns. Massage in argan oil in the joints also allow a reduction of rheumatic pains. Action antirheumatic, improved efficiency obtained in association withconsumption of argan oil food. Finally, applied to the hair, Argan oil helps restore hair to sparkle and shine. It is because of these qualities that have longLaboratories introduces cosmetic argan oil in a large number of their specialities.

Benefits of Cosmetic Argan Oil
There are many benefits of argan essential oil in the cosmetic industry as an anti-aging, anti-wrinkle cream and make up ingredient. Some of these benefits are covered below:

For Skin
There are many benefits for the skin that make this oil a very popular skincare product among women. This essential oil helps in reducing the wrinkles and softening the skin. It has also shown to increase the elasticity and tightening of the skin. Benefits for skin also include regeneration of the skin by revitalizing the cell functions that prevent early skin aging due to sun, pollution, stress, smoking, etc. Argan oil has skin moisturizing properties stronger than olive oil as well as shea butter. This oil has no cholesterol, thus making it more effective.

Argan oil has a sebum regulating action that reduces the oiliness of the skin. Argan oil health benefits for the skin also include reduction of skin irritation and inflammation. If you are suffering from acne or chickenpox scars, application of argan oil will help reduce these blemishes. It also has antimicrobial as well as pH balancing properties that helps in reducing acne. Pregnant women can apply argan oil to prevent the onset of stretch marks. Argan oil is also known to hydrate the skin, neutralize free radicals, treat acne, eczema and psoriasis.

People with brittle nails can make their nails stronger by application of argan oil. Crinkly under-eyes can be reduced by applying argan oil on the eye with or without application of a regular skin cream. Those who apply mineral make up will find their skin tends to get drier. This can be avoided by application of 1 – 2 drops of argan oil for 5 minutes, before application of the mineral make-up.

For Hair
Argan oil is known to make hair stronger and healthy looking. You can say good-bye to fizzy hair forever after application of this oil to hair. Split ends can be avoided and damaged hair can be restored. Argan oil health benefits for hair also include imparting a remarkable shine to dull hair. It has the ability to hydrate the hair roots making them less rough to touch and reduce the curly texture. It not only prevents hair damage due to styling and outdoor activities, but also improves elasticity and reduces hair loss due to breakage.

Unmanageable, wild hair can be brought under control by application of argan oil. The high content of vitamin E is very useful in restoring life to limp hair. The unsaturated fatty acids helps in strengthening brittle hair by bonding the protein structures that make up a hair strand. As this oil is non-greasy, its application won’t make hair look sticky and oily. If you have highly damaged hair, you can try using argan oil to restore its lost, natural luster and health.

For the Body
Benefits of argan oil are not only limited to skin, hair and nails, but also to the internal body health. It is also known to soothe and give relief from pain due to rheumatism and arthritis. Argan oil has a positive effect against cholesterol and atherosclerosis. It helps protect the cardiovascular system as it contains no harmful cholesterol. It is also beneficial in case of burn injuries, due to its skin healing properties. This oil enhances prostaglandins synthesis that helps in 10 different functions in the body. Argan oil also helps in increasing body’s immunity against diseases and infections. It also helps prevent various types of cancers.