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WELCOME TO BIOAZAY! We are suppliers of high quality certified organic Argan Oil , Prickly Pear Seed Oil , Rose Water and Moroccan Saffron .

Azay products

Culinary extra virgin argan oil

Argan oil is suitable to be used as a balanced dietary component because of its harmless nature for the..


Organic Triple extra virgin argan oil

The activity of cosmetic argan oil is probably related to its high content ofantioxidants and fatty acids..


Prickly pear seed oil

An extraordinary anti-ageing power, it is in fact one of the numerous virtue of this oil.


Macéra Opuntia oil

Macera Opuntia Flower oil comes from the maceration of cactus flowers in argan oil.


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What Client’s Say

Wonderful oil. I’ve had a rash on my arm for a couple of weeks. Applied the oil and in the morning rash was hardly visable. I’m now using it all over for hair, face & body. I’ve known about argan oil and used lesser quaility oil but your oil just feels different, soaks in, nothing greasy. Love it.

Isabell, Berlin, Germany

I received my first bottle of Argan Oil on Saturday 18.01.2022 . I just can’t believe that the awful red thread veins on my face, which I have had for several years, have almost disappeared after 3 days of using your wonderful product. Thank you so much for making me happy again!

Marisa, Oakland, USA